Representing the communities of Westchester, Playa del Rey and Playa Vista

Meeting in a Minute - May 2012

Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa

Meeting in a Minute

Meeting of Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here are some highlights from the Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa’s Board of Directors meeting of May 1, 2012:

At this meeting the NCWP Board:

  • Authorized the NCWP president or designee, to submit the Los Angeles Community Impact Statements for the NCWP as a means of providing input to City Committees, Commissions, Boards and City Council on topics of impact and interest to NCWP.
  • Approved a letter of support of the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates Recommendations to mayor Villaraigosa and the City Council.
  • Approved a letter of support to maintain the funding of Neighborhood Councils at the current level of $40,500 with $5,000 required to be spent on election related costs and outreach.

Our Government Representatives covered a number of different topics:

Nate Kaplan – CD11 – As had been requested by a resident of Playa Vista and the NCWP, bus benches have been installed at Jefferson and Lincoln. The LA City Council Budget committee meetings begin this week - 10 % of the city workforce is threatened by possible layoffs.  LMU will begin charging for parking for visitors in the fall 2012 and the staff, faculty, and students in January 2013.  Neighborhood Advisory Committee at LMU will be meeting tomorrow evening May 2. The last CDO meeting for Culver Blvd. was last evening.  On April 19th Westchester Park was cleared out of the homeless people that were sleeping in their vehicles and elsewhere in the park overnight.  Kathleen Austria from Mark Ridley-Thomas' office was instrumental in getting a variety County services to come to the park to assist. Total 25 people were housed in some way. DWP Rate hike meeting May 10th at 6:30 p.m. at the Stephen S. Weiss Temple in West LA.

Chad Molnar - LAX Community Liaison – Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) will be purchasing new vehicles for the LAWA PD.  LAWA has authorized a seismic study of the terminals it is recommended that the roadways and the parking structures be included in the study.   LAWA has approved capital funding for inside improvements e.g., escalators. The Notice of Preparation for the Environmental Impact Review will be coming out for the Mid-Field Concourse.   Public comment period for the LAWA Northside project ( ends on May 4th. Next week the City Bureau of Street Lighting will award the contract to replace the lighting in the Sepulveda Tunnel.  May Day Labor unrest at LAX - workers that walked out will not be fired for doing so.  Metro Board finally approved the alternatives for the Metro extension to LAX – 1. Direct light rail transit branch, 2. Circulator with an automated people mover, 3. Circulator bus rapid transit (elevated through LAX), 4. Modified light rail trunk (tunnel under the airport) and 5. Do nothing.  LAWA expects to put out the air quality report at the end of the year.

Michael Castillo –  CA Senator (51st District) Steven Bradford’s office, overviewed the bills that Bradford is working on. May 19th 12-2 at the Lawndale Community Center Senator Bradford will be having his budget update. State Controller Chang will also be there.

Kathleen Austria – Mark Ridley-Thomas office, complimented NCWP board member and chairperson of our Homelessness and Vehicular Living (HVL) committee, Booker Pearson, the entire NCWP board, and the members of the HVL committee, including members of the homeless community, that worked to address the overnight parking/sleeping in Westchester Park.

The presentation this month was by Kirsten James, from Heal the Bay, discussed the environmental impacts of single use plastic bags and the motion currently under consideration by the Los Angeles City Council to ban single-use plastic bags and phase out paper grocery bags in Los Angeles. This matter was referred to Government Affairs Committee for further review and consideration.