Neighborhood Council Elections - June 2

The upcoming Neighborhood Council election will be held on Sunday, June 2, 2019 from 10am – 4pm and will be held in the Community Room of the Westchester Municipal Building at 7166 Manchester Ave. in Westchester 90045.  

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You Must Bring Documentation to Vote

The election is open to any member of the community who is at least 18 years of age on the date of the election and lives, works or owns property in Zip Codes 90293, 90045, 90094 and the City of Los Angeles portion of 90056. According to the election procedures approved by the City of Los Angeles, voters must verify their stakeholder status by providing acceptable documentation. 

Every voter planning to vote in the election must bring with them to the polling location proof of stakeholder status, including:

•  Driver’s license;

•  Utility bill;

•  Property tax statement;

•  Pay stub;

•  Business tax registration certificate;

or other documentation that proves they live, work or own property in Zip Codes 90293, 90045 or 90094.

Those who do not provide this proof will be given a provisional ballot, which will not be counted until stakeholder status can be verified.


The 14 board positions that will be on the June ballot are: Residential Districts 1 (Playa del Rey), 3 (West Westchester), 5 (Loyola Village), 7 (North Kentwood), 9 (Westport Heights), 11 (East Westchester), 13 (East Westchester) and 15 (Emerson Manor). 

In addition, At Large 2 Director and At Large 3 Director for any stakeholder over 18 who lives, works or owns property within the NCWP boundaries, will be on the ballot. 

The remaining seats up for election are the following: Business Area 90094 (Playa Vista) Director, Income Real Property Director, Religious Director, and Senior Citizens Director. Candidates and their statements can be seen at

There are many ways to get involved with your Neighborhood Council, whether as a board member or by joining a committee as a stakeholder. Board members are selected by election or appointment. Elections occur every two years, and half of the board seats are on the ballot. Once elected, board members serve for four years. Board members are expected to complete all required training, attend monthly board meetings, actively serve on at least one of the NCWP committees and proactively participate in matters within our community. 

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